Jo Cox, Henriette Reker and Anna Lindh: Same stories


Sweden, Anna Lindh
During the final weeks of her life she was involved in the pro-euro campaign
preceding the Swedish referendum on the euro (which she supported), held on 14 September 2003 (three days after her death). Lindh died in the early morning of 11 September 2003 after a knife attack in Stockholm on the afternoon of 10 September. She was stabbed in the chest, abdomen and arms.As a popular pro-euro politician, she was a spokesperson for the campaign; her face was on billboards across Sweden the day she was murdered.


Germany, Henriette_Reker
At a public event on 17 October 2015, the day before the mayoral election,
Reker was seriously wounded when a 44-year-old man stabbed her in the neck
with a knife, while shouting about an “influx of refugees”.
State prosecutors confirmed the attack to be politically motivated,
after the perpetrator “confessed to having xenophobic motives.”


England, Jo Cox:
On 16 June 2016, Cox was fatally shot and stabbed outside the library in Birstall,
West Yorkshire, where she was about to hold a constituency surgery at 1:00 pm.
According to eyewitnesses, she was shot three times—once near the head—and stabbed
multiple times. Initial reports indicated that the gunman shouted “Britain first”
as he carried out the attack.

Three times, just before important elections, supposedly 3 ‘right winged’ loners.
Same circumstances. Exactly the same scenario’s. What is the chance that these cases are unrelated? I guess zero chance.
Who benefits?

Jo Cox, Henriette Reker and Anna Lindh: Same stories

2 thoughts on “Jo Cox, Henriette Reker and Anna Lindh: Same stories

  1. Given the fact that Sweden did not opt for the Euro but Germany is stuck with loads of immigrants which are supposed to be a blessing I’d say it is hard to say who benefits… Since I for one am in favour of a Brexit I would say that I’m very much afraid that Britain will remain in the EU.
    BTW, in the Netherlands Pim Fortuin was murdered just before the 2002 elections. His (new) party benefited but was then forced into government with practically no members capable enough to be part of a government. The scenario back then was that Mr Fortuin proclaimed out loud politically incorrect sentiments that existed in Dutch society. Aside from that (and less known in general) he also demonstrated to be no fan of the JSF and the EU.


  2. 3 aryan ladies, 3 times a knife. 3 times aiming at the chest and tummy. The tummy, the uterus. The chest, the heart. The uterus, the child. The heart, the blood. The child and the blood. The Child and The Blood. In the 3 cases the MOTHERFUCKING killer BEARS a jewish name.
    Jack the Ripper, uterus and heart galore. Sounds like gore. The “blood libels” for centuries and centuries, amen: child and gore galore.
    Could it be goddam talmudian black magic? The Mammon attitude?


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