EU planned mass immigration


Further research into the organisations behind the orchestrated mass immigration to Europe has led to more evidence of direct EU involvement.

In the above linked article we studied the Watch the Med website, a website dedicated to daily in depth study of the migrant movements through GPS analyses in the Mediterranean sea.

Firstly, connected to this, we can see that Frontex, the EU border organisation and the NGO’s are actively seeking the refugees when they leave the African coast, most probably in coordination with organisations as Watch the Med:

NGO “Rescue” ship dispatched 12 hours BEFORE migrant boat leaves Libya! Invasion Exposed on GPS!:

These immigrants get free money when they arrive in Europe:


They get even paid flights by the EU from Greece to other European countries:

EU paid flights

UPDATE 24 September 2017:

We found direct funding of EU Commission funds towards the Euro Med rights organisation, an organisation ferociously defending migrants rights, as they state themselves: “EuroMed Rights aims to closely monitor policy developments impacting on the rights of migrants and refugees in the Euro-Mediterranean region with a particular focus on the EU’s role in promoting these rights…”

They are directly funded by the EU commission and George Soros his Open Society Foundation.



We also found funding through indirect channeling of EU Commission funds towards this organisation. We can find on the Watch the Med website (scroll down) the following info:


When you click on the PRO ASYL link you are redirected to the PRO ASYL website, where you can search for the page ‘Our Network‘ on the English version. When you scroll down you will see:


This information leads us directly to the ECRE website. There you can click on ‘finance‘ and you get the following information:


And there you go. ECRE is directly funded by the EU Commission.

UPDATE 22 December 2017:

The European Commission has decided to more actively protect the migrants:

They are now flying migrants from Libya to Italy.

UPDATE 15 December 2019:

It’s also the states that are indirectly supporting the immigration. For instance Germany and France, according to the immigrant supporting website infomigrants.


We can see they are supported by the German and French state-owned France Media Monde and Germany’s state owned Deutsche Welle:

We can also find UN and UK aid involvement in the support for the “refugees”, according to the “sea watch”, refugee supporting organisation.


Again and again you can see who are the true financiers of these organisations.

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EU planned mass immigration