Catalonian Independence: what you are not being told


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The story about the Catalan independence is not what it looks like. Many people believe that it is only ‘simple people’ that have a wish for independence. Although, of course, there are people with a real independence wish in Catalonia, there is a lot going on behind the scenes. One of the main things is that behind the movement are international geo-political forces trying to balkanize Spain.

Globalists and the Catalan Separatists movement

There is really a lot of evidence for the involvement of the globalists in the separatist movement: first, there is evidence that George Soros funds the separatists of Catalonia. This is apparent from his own publications.

Update 28 de Junio 2018: Soros interfers directly in Spanish politics. Was the change in government in Spain by replacing Rajoy of the PP party (Conservative Party) with  Sanchez of the PSOE (Labour Party) a globalist coup d’etat? Maybe they didn’t like PP’s stance on Catalan independence or did it have to do with the mass immigration controlled by the EU?

Globalists and their hidden agenda

More indications include the explanation by Nigel Farage: EU Brussel’s tactics are to undermine and weaken nation states One of their tactics, according to Farage, is to strengthen regions and link them directly to Brussels instead of the country. The structure and budgets exist:

‘The EU wants weak states!’

Here we have just one example of an Euro-region, supported by EU, the Catalan-Occitanie region. Ambassadors to EU from regions, it exists already.

The strategy to weaken nation states takes many forms, one is by manipulating masses into believing that multi-culturalism, gender-neutral, illegal migration, and illegal voting for independence are good and ‘rights’ of individuals. We see the same people pushing mass immigration and multiculturalism with the aim ‘to undermine national homogeneity’, according to themselves. Globalists Peter Sutherland and George Soros are in the centre of global power and are allies. We wrote a few articles providing evidence that the EU is behind the organization of the mass immigration.

Former globalist, businessman and pro-European political activist Freddy Heineken, the former owner of Heineken beers corp., wrote in the 1990 an essay about the federalization of Europe, a division of Europe in regions. We see many EU people at powerful positions, like businessman and former Belgium prime minister Guy Verhofstadt, advocating a federal Europe and in fact the abolishment of Spain as an independent state.


Figure 1: Soros, Verhofstadt and the federalization or balkanization of Spain

The EU’s aim is a super state and small, weaker regions are easier to control as strong nation states. As Vaklav Klaus, former president of the Czech Republic, reminded us on a statement from Jean Monnet, one of the founder fathers of the EU: “Europe’s nations should be guided towards a superstate without their people understanding what is happening“.

Globalists and islam

They also very much support the islam, here an example from Belgium:


Figure 2: The EU and Islam, rewriting history? ‘Islam is also our history’.

Catalonia has a large muslim community, and with independence the percentage of muslims will be one of the largest in Europe.


Figure 3: Islam in Catalonia.

George Soros and the EU actively support and finance islamic groups including the Muslim Brotherhood.

Globalists and the Podemos/Communist link

Other very strong clues of forces behind the separatist movement are, amongst others, Soros his Open Society’s organization, who apart from financially supporting the separatists also publishes that Pablo Iglesias, leader of the Spanish Communist Party Podemos, is an ally. Pablo Iglesias supports Catalan separation.

Pablo Iglesias

Figure 4a: The Open Society of George Soros and, according to the Open Society report, their allies.

Pablo Iglesias

Figure 4b: Within the Open Society ally list we find Pablo Iglesias.

It might seem odd that globalist Soros calls anti-globalist Iglesias an ally. Maybe not so strange though. This article, which also mentions Soros as an initiator and a financial donor of Iglesias his party Podemos, has a logical explanation: Catalan ‘Independence’ – A Tool of Capital Against Labour.


Figure 5: Another relation: ‘Hablamos for Podemos’ through George Soros funded ‘open Democracy’, studying about the construction of political entities within Podemos

Soros also supports mass immigration movements in Catalonia, so Catalonia will really become a failed region if he succeeds.

Globalists playing all rebel movements around the world, playing both sides

Also, Syrian Al-Nusra and FSA rebels took the side of the Catalan separatists. These rebels are being supported by the same international forces of NATO-US-EU:


Figure 6: Catalonian independence flag and Syrian rebels waving the Syrian rebel ‘independence flag’. Please be aware that the green 3 star Syrian flag the rebels use is from the Syrian period when they were under French mandate. So much for ‘independence’.

And we see flags of communists, anarchists and neo-nazi’s: the red-black blood-earth flags, which we see in Catalonia in this RT report (01:07 in video), which we also saw at the Maidan movement in Ukraine of the Azov, Svoboda and Right Sector nazi’s. Again, also supported by the same international forces. Funny enough the antifa’s use the same colors.


Figure 7: On the left is the red and black flag visible in Kiev, Maidan, the right a very similar one during the separatist demonstration in Barcelona.


Figure 8: On the left is the red and black flag of neo-nazi’s of the right sector in Kiev, right you see the ultra-left anti-fascist antifa symbol.

The following Catalan separatist twitter site uses the same antifa-symbols.

Figure 9: On the left: Antifa twitter on the left calling people to report who went to the pro-Spain demonstration. On the right: clear antifa-symbol.

This site is also calling to report people who went to the pro-Spain demonstration on Sunday the 8th of October. The twitter site calls themselves The anti-fascists of the University of Barcelona, can be seen here supporting the separatists, and using the antifa flag in Catalonia, but it remains to be seen who really are behind this twitter account. It could also be a fake site to put the separatists in a bad light. Any news on that will be reported here either by a new article or an update.

We know from the US that the same people of Soros his organisations support both anti-fascists and neo nazi groups, for example in Charlottesville. And the mayor of Charlottesville worked for Podesta’s, George Soros funded, Center for American Progress.


Figure 10: Charlottesville: Mayor worked for Soros funded organisation.

The same antifa groups are seen in many other countries, for example in Hamburg, Germany, or here in The Netherlands. It is truly a ‘Global’ organization.

So we can conclude that the forces behind the scenes support both ultra-left groups like antifa as ultra-right groups like right sector, using the same or very similar flags.

Globalists and the symbols of the Catalan Separatists movement

Last but not least one should be aware that the Separatists do not use the original Catalan flag, which is 4 red stripes on a yellow background, but instead the flag with an added masonic star, the type we see in the EU flag, on the same blue background. We see this design also on the Cuban communist flag.

Figure 11: The left is the separatist flag, the right is the Catalan flag.

Other separatist movements in other parts of the world also use this triangle and star pattern, for example in Yemen.


Figure 12: The separatist flag in Yemen.

The Separatists are also very much emphazising their support for NATO. Arthur Mas always stated that he wants to incorporate Catalonia in NATO.

Notice that the leaders of the Separatists say that they want independence from Spain, but want to stay within the framework of the EU. The referendum question in September 2009 to the Catalans was: ‘Do you agree on Catalonia becoming an independent, democratic and social state of law, integrated within the European Union‘?


Figure 13: Catalonia integrated in the European Union.

I remind the reader, that the European Union’s official stand ‘Catalonia will have to apply again to enter the EU’ is just a way to calm down the anti-separatists. The EU always does what it wants, like with the referendums held across Europe and their results, especially the ones in France and the Netherlands (twice). The game is, of course, to keep Catalonia under the control of Brussels, but also make sure they don’t alienate Madrid from the EU.

Notice the cover photo on which Puigdemont, Leader of the Catalan Separatists, poses in front of the Catalan AND EU flag.

Globalists and the break up of nation states: Serbia

Globalists had the same aim during the balkanization of Yugoslavia in the ’90, when they weakened Serbia by separating areas like Kosovo, Bosnia and Macedonia. Researcher Peter Siebelt wrote a book about Dutch Princess Mabel Smit her role as Director of George Soros his organisation in Bosnia.


Figure 14: George Soros, Erdogan and Dutch Princess Mabel Smit

Globalists, their controlled media and mass manipulation

Human Rights Watch, excessively sponsored by George Soros, is heavily critizising Spanish police in Barcelona. Coincidence?

Figure 15: Human Rights Watch (HRW) own publications and the Soros link. On the right HRW heavily critizising Spanish Police

Many lies are being told by the main stream media. In Catalonia, there were many pictures of “injured” people, that were in fact from 2012, or photoshopped or victims were not as bad injured as it seemed. For instance the woman who supposedly broke her fingers. Keep in mind that the referendum was a total scam, you could vote many times. There was no control at all.


Figure 16: Voting several times

Globalists are also engaged in propaganda movies like they did during the Maidan revolution. Interesting is the strong comparison in the next 2 video’s, one from Maidan: ‘I am a Ukrainian‘ and the next one from Catalonia: ‘Help Catalonia. Save Europe‘. The title is not ‘Save Cataluña‘, but ‘Save Europe‘. Also notice that she says clearly ‘We are Europeans‘.

Globalists and the Elections

Also, they tell you there is an absolute majority of Catalans supporting independence. That is a total lie. We don’t know how many Catalans actually support it, the only reliable(?) indication is Catalans Generalitat’s own inquest about the matter of July this year. There we see that only 39% said they would vote yes.


Figure 17: Only 39% would vote yes according to Catalan Separatist’s inquest.

There was a large percentage of abstainies, those who didn’t want to say what they would vote, but with the current atmosphere I guess most of those people will not support independence, since the inquest was done by the separatist movement. The latter is speculation, but we can’t find a definite majority under Catalan’s for independence. The argument that pro-independence parties dominate the Catalan parliament does also not hold scrutiny, since in votes this was almost 50-50, and looking to a country like the Netherlands, oddly the people voted always pro-EU parties into government, but in referendums always against EU wishes, like the Lisbon treaty: ‘No’, and the Ukraine into EU referendum: ‘No’. That even after huge pro campaigns on TV and Radio by the Dutch government.

That, together with the fact that most of the rest of Spain is against, I would argue there is no base for Catalan independence.

Globalists and their goals

It really looks like the NWO is trying to create chaos and destroy nation states, by mass immigration, and by balkanizing countries, using the mass psychology advantage that the majority of the people will choose side of ‘the underdog’: poor immigrants need food and shelter, poor Catalans only want to use their rights to vote and ‘independence’. Who could be against it?

Here some more info:

Catalonian Independence: what you are not being told