The Parkland School (Florida) Shooting

There has been written a lot about the Parkland School shooting (Mirror).

The official story is that Nikolas Jacob Cruz (Christian name…), a former student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, is guilty of murdering 17 people in a shooting rampage.

Here you can see the photo when they caught him:


However, looking into the details of this event, nothing of the official story makes any sense.

We analyzed several items about the event:

  1. David Hogg, a supposed student of the school and main witness
  2. Several witnesses talking about drills at the school that day
  3. Several witnesses claim they were getting scripted questions by the main press
  4. Several witnesses claiming there were more shooters, 2 or 3
  5. One witness, a professor, claims she saw a guy shooting in police outfit
  6. Four policemen were on site but did not move in during the shooting
  7. Sheriff Scott Israel appointed Nezar Hamze as deputy, a muslim with ties to Hamas
  8. Deputy Sheriff and Scott Israel, showing how to use arms to muslims
  9. Other strange, questionable stuff suggesting David Hogg’s father is an ex-FBI and Crisis management expert and his mother from CNN

Paul Craig Roberts, who served under Ronald Reagan in the US government, comes to similar, interesting conclusions.

David Hogg, supposedly a student of the Majory High School

David Hogg is a witness that appeared on tv apparently guided by people of the main stream media and is messing up his lines:


David Hogg has been seen more often on MSM tv, including half a year earlier on the other side of the USA, in California on Redondo Beach:



He is also seen forgetting several times the amount of friends his sister supposedly lost:


How did David Hogg know at 3:13 that Cruz was caught when the official timeline states he was caught at 3:41? And notice he already shows a photo of Cruz, during which Hogg supposedly is being at the shooting…:


How can David Hogg tell us the shooting was at 2:52 when the official timeline states it started at 2:21 and was all over at 2:30? It also doesn’t match with the 2:30 fire alarm that went off at the end of the shooting:


Several witnesses talking about drills at the school that day

There have been several witnesses that claimed there were drills that day, including David Hogg himself (see first movie). The next video is from a professor of the school talking about a ‘code red drill’:


It isn’t impossible that a drill occurs the same day, but it is notable, because it is a coincidence and seems to occur a lot at other mass shooting or terrorist events, noticed by for example Ole Dammegard.

Here is proof David Hogg saying it is a drill and talking about gun control:


It can be noted that David Hogg is now pushing gun control in the USA, and even said he would not return to school before new laws have been implemented.

On twitter there are several theories going around about what this exactly means:


Here we see some girls stating the shooting was fake???:


because students were told they were going to have a fake event (drill) and have people taken away and have them scream…” What? Let that sink in.


“Police officers who are going to be firing blanks like scare us, get us like, you know, trained for this…. until I heard like screaming, the worst screaming you will ever hear.”

They said there would be a drill firing blanks. That is not the official story. How did Cruz know?

The next one you can hear the cops setting up for the camera before entering the room, also suggesting a drill:


Other witnesses talking about drills you can see in video’s where they talk about various shooters, see below.

Several witnesses claim getting scripted questions by the main press

There were several witnesses claiming to get a scripted question by the press, even Donald Trump commented on it. Colton Haab was the first to claim this happened:


Even though CNN claimed that his statements were false, another witness said the same:


Then we have the witness reading from a paper with her own name on it:???


Several witnesses claiming there were more shooters

There are several witnesses claiming they saw multiple shooters, 2 or even 3 shooters, see the next video:


What did she say in the first sentence: “... they told all the kids to go outside so they could start shooting up“?

Later on in the video she says: “…the army people told the kids not to look around at the bodies they moved and hid under mats“. Army people, where did they come from? When there is still danger, why moving bodies?

The next girl not only talks about several shooters, but also said she was with the suspect who was, according to her, unarmed, and had no body armor, and walked out with him and she was joking to him that it could have been him… He responded: “huh“?


Notice the fire alarm went off at 2:30, when the official story said Cruz already left, but in other stories they state it was Cruz who set the fire alarm off, but she was with him, at least she says so? Which story is correct?

A professor claims she saw a guy shooting in police outfit

One witness, a professor of the Parkland school, Stacey Lippel, claims she saw a guy shooting in police outfit shooting down the hallway “I suddenly saw the shooter about twenty feet in front of me…  in full metal garb, helmet, face mask, bulletproof armor, shooting this rifle that I’ve never seen before…”:



The police in fact was carrying bags on to a pickup truck during the shooting:


Four policemen were on site but did not move in during the shooting

Four policemen were on site but did not move in during the shooting. This has been described by several news sites, including CNN, and is not disputed by the Sherrif, Scott Israel.



One of the four cop’s who didn’t enter the school during the Florida shooting resigned.

Some even claim it was Scott Israel that gave the stand down order:


Sheriff Scott Israel saying that it is not his responsibility that they didn’t move in:


The next twitter shows the same video:


Sheriff Scott Israel appointed Nezar Hamze as deputy, tied to Hamas

Sheriff Scott Israel, himself a Jew, appointed Nezar Hamze as deputy, a muslim with ties to Hamas.

In the next video you can watch Nezar Hamze talking in arab to his fellow muslims, introducing Scott Israel:


Deputy Sheriff and Scott Israel, showing how to use arms to muslims

Here you can see him instructing muslims how to use weapons and to tell them ‘how to protect themselves…’:


This is all so strange that it would need more investigation. It is more than enough to doubt the official story.

And are we sure we are not looking at a staged event? Watch this:


How does the guy know 17 were killed when he was moving in, and the hospitals were stating that most came in wounded and at first only 2 died?

And think about this one: the official story states Cruz arrived by uber. We know he had a lot of stuff and was able to change his ‘police outfit’ automatic rifle, helmet, etc, etc, (think of the professor that saw the shooter in bulletproof armor, etc…) very fast. How did he take all that stuff in an uber and get unnoticed? For more inconsistencies about the official story that Cruz left the stage at 2:21 but then pulled the fire alarm at 2:30, watch this analysis.


Other strange, questionable stuff

If this all isn’t enough to seriously doubt the official story, here are some weird things tweeted that are interesting to have a look at:

Apparently, his mother worked for CNN and he has been to the CNN office before:


The next two are about the father of David Hogg, Kevin Hogg, ex-FBI, who apparently worked as a ‘Crisis Management Specialist’.


His father apparently worked for a defense contractor:


Talking about taking down posts and youtube video’s talking about these events. This is why the video’s seen here are not from youtube.


And yes, they do take down a lot recently, for instance, the very popular Richie Allen Show, I think the most popular radio show in Europe, has been erased from youtube:


David Hogg called the girl differently, once Alex View, then Isabelle Robinson:


Crisis actors have been known for some time and indicated by many people at other mass shooting and terrorist events. There are many websites for crisis actors, like:

Crisis solutions


Here is another analysis worth reading.

Another funny story is the story of Kyle Laman, some things do not add up.

Here a good twitter thread with more info, look at the whole thread:

The Parkland School (Florida) Shooting

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