EU customs have brochures for immigration smuggling mafia

After the publication about the orchestrated immigration we encountered more proof that the EU is behind the mass immigration.


Shocked“??? Danish Minister for Asylum Affairs Inger Stjöberg responded on a brochure published by the hand of the EU Frontex border control authority. This brochure outlines exactly the facilities offered to migrants, especially in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, the EU’s main attractions.

The leaked brochure, that was only for internal use by Frontex (EU customs), and intended for future migrants, shows completely specified which country has the best deals to stay in Europe and it is now known that copies of these freely circulate in the human smugglers circuit, so that a sound choice can be made before starting the journey! Further there is a nice page in the same book containing the fares and telephone numbers of the “operators” (smugglers), so the trip can go smoothly!


It shows that Denmark is one of the top attractions. However, Denmark looks feverishly how the entry requirements could be tightened. The fees received by migrants will be lowered. Only if you speak Danish well you’ll get some more money, because in that case there might be a possibility to find work.

The Netherlands is by the way, as you will see, a top choice, in particular the fact that the Dutch government lavish with the designation of free housing and the family that has been admitted will receive monthly benefits in addition to free housing.

We do not know whether you have your reading glasses on, but just in case, an immigrant family receives between 1,400 to 1,600 euros per month, without ever once having paid any taxes. By comparison, a Dutch couple with only state pension, which they receive after 50 year of paying taxes, get 1534 euros, and that amount is subject to taxes and other charges!

Should you wonder about or… be angry, you should do that in a little hidden corner. If you express your feelings in public, you are xenophobic (fear of foreigners), you’re a racist, of course, your political direction is ultra right or you’re even a neo-nazi.

Lots of ‘gutmenschen’ (‘good people’) fully receive large sums of money in the benefit refugees industry. The idea for them is only how ‘can I fill my pockets as quickly as possible’.

You can see that the EU and our government will do everything to please your future neighbors. It is more than scandalous that the EU, which always talks about the fairy tales of prosperity in the world, in fact, is busy with a complete destabilization of the European society, which ultimately will only have losers, especially the citizens will literally have to pay the bill for this irresponsible megalomaniac behavior.

In addition, the Dutch main stream media press the ‘telegraaf’ also states that the arrival and admission of migrants is good for employment, creating 1,000 additional jobs. It is this kind of dangerous populist talk and dangerous infiltration of the politically correct thought in our society we endure during the last 40 years and destabilize the European countries.

EU belooft asielzoekers in brochure gouden bergen


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