Further in depth investigation into organized EU migrant flow

Further in depth investigation into organized EU migrant flow yields the following:

The Watch the Med website indeed gives details about their work with alarm phones to help the migrants to get into Europe. We read on their website:

Watch the Med alarm calls
The Greek coastguard rescued 4 boats in distress north of Lesvos and 3 east of Chios.” And “At 4am a contact person forwarded the coordinates and phone number of a boat in distress in Greek territorial waters to the Alarm Phone (case 1). 40 to 50 travellers, among them many children, were on their way to the island of Farmakonisi when their engine had broken down. Although we were not able to reach the travellers on board, we informed the Greek coastguard in Piraeus at 4.20am.
In short, not only the watch the med website plays an important role, so does the Greek government to get the migrants safe and sound into Europe.

During our ongoing search, we found much more proof for a widespread organisation on a massive scale. The Watch the Med does cooperate with other Organisations and people, as we can find in this brochure. The links given there get us to the following Netzwerk Migration to Europe website.


We read here on their homepage: “Das Netzwerk Migration erhält seit 2006/2007 eine Betriebskosten-finanzierung von der Europäischen Union.” And that translates to: “The network migration receives an operating cost financing by the European Union since 2006/2007.” We find on their site 2 EU funds that are sponsoring them:

DEF flag-logoeac-CITIZENS_DE
European Union: ‘Europe for Citizens’
European Commission (Grundtvig-Programm)
And from the German government.

As we can see, they are well funded through government bodies.

Then we get to the Board of Directors where you can see lots of people. Take the first person, Manuel Assner, who is related to, according to the above website, the Grenzgaenger website, that is giving training and research to grenzgänger or boarder-crossers.


Another website collaborating is the Migrants at Sea website, in one article showing active Frontex (EU border control) involvement in the rescue of migrants to Europe.

We also investigated one of the EU sponsor programs, the Grundtvig Learning Partnership Project. One of their main partners is the Mentors Developments Programme.

The Mentors Developments Programme are losely linked to the Humanity in Action as you can see in the picture above.


The chairman of this organisation is Dr. Hans Binnendijk. According to this article he is one of the strategic thinkers in the USA:
Hans Binnendijk is one of America’s leading strategic thinkers,” said Dan Hamilton, CTR executive director and Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation Research Professor. “He brings a great deal of commitment to the transatlantic relationship, strong knowledge of European dynamics and extensive leadership experience in U.S. foreign and defense policy.

Even though the last Humanity in Action website is not directly involved into the migrants organization, they do brainwash on ‘equality for minorities’ etc, and do inform the same people as the ones of the migrants websites above.

It is too much for now to further investigate all links and websites associated with the migration in Europe. That by it self is already a worrying fact.

Anybody who has more information on the migrants to EU should feel encouraged to let us know, in any manner whatsoever.


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